BCS Business Analysis Certification

What is the The British Computer Society (BCS)?

The British Computer Society) is known as The Chartered Institute for IT. BCS is the main accreditation body for business analyst professionals in the UK. BCS is a charity dedicated to advancing the business analysis profession.

A BCS business analysis qualification shows that a candidate has met the minimum competency standards in business analysis. BCS business analysis qualifications are regarded as the industry-standard in the business analyst profession in the United Kingdom.

Professional business analyst certification is a necessary step when developing a business analyst career. Not only do candidates learn the techniques and tools for business analysts, but a BCS qualification is a well-recognized business analyst certification.

BCS certification benefits

By getting BCS certification, these are the benefits:

BCS offers a business analysis certitifation path all the way from entry-level up to expert level. This means you can keep with a single certitifation provider during your whole career!

BCS has been around for a long time and holds a royal charter. It also offered the first business analysis qualification in the world. These were known as ISEB and ISEB qualifications are still valid.

BCS qualifications are modular so if you complete a Foundation certificate, you can then specialize on your way to gaining your higher qualifications. There is enough choice of courses that you can tailor your Business analysis study path to suit your industry and career.

BCS Business Analysis certification

BCS Business Analyst qualifications are mapped according to the SFIA industry-standard framework. BCS certifications are essential if you want to become a certified business analyst in the UK. Many business analyst jobs in the UK market requires a candidate to hold a formal business analyst certification.

BCS Foundation Business Analysis certification

The BCS Foundation Business Analysis certification is a knowledge-based qualification. It is for people wanting to understand the basics of business analysis and there are no prerequisites for this certification. You must hold the Foundation certificate if you want to sit the higher the International Diploma examination. Students can study using live or virtual classroom courses, or self-study online training.

Business Analysis Practitioner-level certification

There are 7 Practitioner-level qualifications in this level. There are are core modules and 5 selective modules. You need both core modules and 1 selective module before sitting the BCS International Diploma exam.

BCS Business Analysis Practice certification

BCS Business Analysis Practice certification is one of the 2 Practitioner core modules. BCS Business Analysis Practice certification shows your practical skills in business analysis. This certification has no prerequisites.

BCS Requirements Engineering certification

BCS Requirements Engineering certification is also a Practitioner core module. BCS Requirements Engineering certification shows your abililty to define and deliver business requirements. This certification has no prerequisites.

BCS Modelling Business Processes certification

BCS Modelling Business Processes certification is is a selective Practitioner module. This certification shows your abililty to identify, model and improve business processes in an organisation. This certification has no prerequisites.

BCS International Diploma certification

To sit the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis oral exam requires you to pass the Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis, the 2 core Practitioner modules, and one of the 5 selective Practitioner modules. Therefore you must pass 5 exams in total.